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Chubby Chaser is a one hour POV film from a filmmaker who likes a bit of fat on women and wonders if he’s alone and why the beauty ideal is so thin. Blending live action with animation, the film is a creative hybrid using collages of personal stories and Jeff’s history to tackle issues of acceptance, health, and the high pressure ideals of beauty.

When Jeff Sterne read his young niece’s Facebook update: “I feel fat and ugly”, it hit a raw nerve for him. It was a bald statement of feeling “unacceptable” in a society that values an extremely thin body size for women. It reminded him of his own fear of being “unacceptable” because of his desire for the opposite.

For Jeff big is beautiful.

Jeff is what some people, including his nieces, would call a “Chubby Chaser”.

Is it a perversion that he thinks big girls are beautiful? Despite fat having been considered desirable for most of human history, Jeff cannot find other men who will publicly “come out” about their love for big beautiful women – BBWs. Finally Jeff meets “the Hugh Hefner for Fat Chicks” – Zik Ukaeje, publisher and owner of Bodacious. Zik publishes a girlie mag and runs dating sites for others in the BBW community. Zik is an out Fat Admirer or “FA”.

But how did the female beauty ideal change from real size to a zero size? Professor Kimberly Wahl walks Jeff through how fashion, the runway, and industrialization have shaped the modern body.

Despite the stick-thin ideal promoted by super models, social commentator Russell Smith maintains that men actually prefer a larger size woman – big hips, big breasts, and big bums turn a man on. Visiting a Canadian couple who have moved to the US, Jeff discovers that maybe the key to happiness is about feeling accepted.

Being fat is considered as being unhealthy and the BMI determines one’s obesity. But the BMI ignores blood pressure, cholesterol, or mental health. Jeff’s wife would be considered obese but it’s Jeff that actually faces these health issues.

Jeff learns about the Las Vegas BBW Bash where FAs and BBWs can relax, feel total acceptance, and enjoy themselves. Finally Jeff meets other men who like him love big beauty and have felt the fear of ridicule because of it.

Ridicule is something Bill Fabrey knows all too well. A founder of the North American Association for Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) , Bill was the first man to come out and declare himself a Fat Admirer on public television. He did all the talk shows and became a joke on a national scale. Bill did it for his wife, who had been ostracised and humiliated because of her size, and even though friends abandoned him he stood up for what believed in and tried to make a difference.

In the end Jeff, like Bill, is coming out publicly as a “Chubby Chaser”. How will the process of making the film help him and maybe his niece find acceptance in her body size?

The Filmmakers

Jeff Sterne - Director

From 1997-2008, Jeff Sterne coordinated and managed a variety of film and television productions, working for the National Film Board of Canada/ Ontario Centre and a wide collection of Independent Toronto Production Companies. During this time he wrote and directed a series of short creative films that have screened at numerous International Film Festivals.


Experimental Shorts:

“Approaching Dominance” (2009)
“Car Culture” (2004)
“Bear Girl: Dog Boy” (2002)
“Technical Drunk” (2001)
“Scrambled Porn” (2001)
“The Harris Project” (1998)
“Ryland’s True Story” (1997)

Co-Produced & Co-Directed:
“Time Will Tell” (2001)

1987- 1991 McMaster University/ Humanities (Art History, English Literature, Theatre Arts)
1993-1996 Sheridan College/ Graduated with honors in Film & Television Studies

Jeannette Loakman - Producer

Jeannette Loakman is an award-winning producer with over 12 years of experience in the television industry. She’s currently producing the documentary film Chubby Chaser for TV Ontario and Canal D. Her last film Peep Culture garnered a Gemini for best picture editing and premiered on CBC News Network and Canal D. Peep Culture screened at the Arizona International Film Festival, won a Silver Ace at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, and will be screening at San Francisco Doc Fest, Brantford International Film Festival, Kansas City Film Festival, and Hot Springs Documentary Festival. Jeannette’s previous films include the award-winning film Cat Ladies, which premiered at Hot Docs 2009, screening also at Silverdocs and San Francisco Doc Festival. Jeannette was also nominated for a Gemini for Spam: The Documentary, a critical and ratings hit, Spam is the story of one man’s comical search for the origins of bulk unsolicited email. An international pitching success at TDF 2006 netted the film interest from Court TV USA, YLE Finland and SBS Australia, it is distributed by Films Transit, and is selling worldwide - putting Spam on the map.

As well as Peep Culture, Cat Ladies and Spam, her productions include the series Groomed - with world famous butler Paul Hogan – for W Network and Wedding TV (UK). This entertaining male makeover show was called “Surprisingly endearing”, by the Globe and Mail, “Just short of magic!” by the Calgary Sun, and featured on Pick of the Week by The Guardian in the UK. Jeannette produced Annie Ong: Lost and Found, Hot Shots, The Last Seven Days of Annie Ong as well as directed Slippery Blisses: What’s in a Kiss? with the NFB.

Jeannette also co-founded Moc Docs – an annual national mockumentary filmmaking competition that over five years took over 30 filmmakers from script to the television screen and the festival circuit.

When Jeannette’s not producing, she can found managing her family or on a tennis court… f

Chubby Chaser Film